Thursday, June 26, 2014

SOA Suite 12c: New Features summary

[repost of article at AMIS Technology Blog on June 26, 2014]

Oracle released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) bringing a further integration between components and a bunch of new features. Most of them are quite spectacular, but at the same time all are useful. A release to persuade potential buyers and a lot more to please users of the product.

This blog will go through the most important new features in summary and will reference the blogs that will go through the new features per technology. This blog will list the most game changing feature(s) per technology/tooling; Jdeveloper, SOA Suite (SCA Composites), Service Bus (SB), Enterprise Manager, OEP, Managed File Transfer (MFT), etc.

Developer Productivity & Integration

Developer installer with integrated server 

To kick-start developing with 12c, ’30 minutes to Hello World’, Oracle created a single download for JDeveloper and Database, Weblogic and  SOA Suite. It’s one single package which include JDeveloper, a integrated Weblogic service with SOA Suite (including Service Bus), JavaDB (for it’s Database) and the Enterprise Manager.

Integration of SOA and SB development

In 11g the development environment of the SB is in OEPE (Eclipse), while the SCA Composite development environment is done in JDeveloper. In 12c both SB and SCA development is done in JDeveloper. For SB the analogy of the SCA environment has been used by renaming a ‘Proxy’ to ‘Proxy Services’ (‘Exposed Services’ in an SCA composite) and a ‘Business Service’ to ‘External References’ (same as in a SCA composite) and visually show them as swim lanes, see figure ‘SB development in JDeveloper’ below.

.SB development in JDeveloper 

New technology adapters for Mobile, Caching and Cloud Integration

In this release of SOA Suite a lot of new adapters are added. For Mobile Enablement support is added for REST/JSON, The cache data into or to retrieve data from Coherence a Coherence Adapter is added and for Cloud Integration like and ReadyNow there are separate cloud adapters available. There is also an adapter to connect to a LDAP service (put, get, list..) and an updated UMS adapter.

12c New Technology Adapters
For a more in-depth list of Developer Productivity and Integration features check this dedicated blog, which also includes a first look at the new Enterprise Manager, integrated debugger and SOA tester.

Read full article on the AMIS Technology Blog.

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